In your experience, what reasons have you heard for HIV positive people not getting on treatment? As a spokesmodel, how would you respond?

Submitted by Jahlove

It has been 30 plus years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. Access to HIV testing and care is still an issue for HIV positive individuals. There is a large population of HIV positive individuals that don’t know their...

Submitted by Willie

Because of the ongoing stigma around HIV/AIDS and because this generation is removed from the experience many long-time survivors witnessed, the ‘not me’ attitude still prevails about the risk of contracting HIV. As a spokesmodel and...

Submitted by Katrina

Medication adherence is probably the most popular topic of conversation in the various health centers and community based organizations where I have been employed. Working with people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), I have been...

Submitted by Elizabeth

There are many reasons why New Yorkers are not on treatment, but I will share just four with you right now: miseducation, stigma, social factors, language barriers.

1) Miseducation
Some people are misinformed about the...

Submitted by Tyrone

I’ve heard several reasons why many HIV positive people are not on treatment. Some of the things I've been told are that they don't want anyone to see them and tell their business, they feel ashamed or dirty and they don't have...

Submitted by Jasan

Over the years, I have heard many different reasons why HIV positive individuals are not on treatment. These reasons run the gamut from, “I just don’t want to be on meds” to “ I’m not sure I want to deal with all of the side effects.”...

Submitted by Tree

The top three reasons that I have been hearing are:

1) Lifestyle
This is a big one. Most of the people that say their lifestyle is why they are not on treatment say it for two main reasons: 1) Homelessness. They don't have...

Submitted by Aaron

Many people don't seek treatment because they have not fully come to terms with being HIV positive. Not being on treatment allows them to "forget" about the virus. You can only hide from it for so long before problems arise. Seek...

Submitted by Annette

Many people aren’t on treatment because they don’t have health insurance or transportation. They also don’t want people in their business. If they don’t have insurance, I let them know that ADAP will cover them until they can get it....

Submitted by Oriana

Over the years, I’ve witnessed that the reason why most people who are positive are not on treatment is not because they can’t afford it, but because of two words: "classified" and "reaction." They are scared of being classified as "...

Submitted by Jackie

In my experience, the reasons why people are not on HIV treatment vary. I have heard that the medications are too toxic and complicated or that people don't like taking pills. When I started meds in the 1990s, the term people used was “...

Submitted by Justin

In my experience, I have heard a variety of young people talk about their fears of starting HIV treatment. Most of them fear the fact that they have to be on medication for the rest of their lives. Some people also fear the daily...

Submitted by Al

My advice would be to stay off meds as long as possible unless you think you can deal with the side effects. In the past, we have had a “hit it hard, hit it early” thought process about treating HIV. This caused the United States to...

Submitted by Louise

My answer to this question is stigma. A lot of people I know are afraid of what people might say or think about them and they are afraid of the rejection. They are also afraid that the diagnosis is a death sentence. They say things like...

Submitted by Nilda

In my experience, here are some reasons I’ve heard about why HIV positive people are not on treatment:

A) They don't like the medications
B) There are too many pills to take
C) The medications make them sick

Submitted by Chavon

As an individual living with HIV who has been undetectable for 15 years undetectable, I understand why there are HIV positive people who not taking meds because they're not educated. When I was first diagnosed, I didn't even know what ‘...

Submitted by Crystal

I didn't want to start taking meds because I didn’t want to admit that I was sick. Since I started taking meds, I’m not sick anymore! Some of the other drawbacks to getting on treatment are the cost and all of the paperwork. Taking meds...

Submitted by Melinda

In my experience, many HIV positive people are not on treatment is because:

A) They fear the unknown.
B) They are not aware of the life expectancy that they can have.
C) They are not ready to face reality and are...

Submitted by Vivian

I found out that someone close to me did not start taking HIV medication right after they were diagnosed and I wondered why. They told me that they thought treatment wasn’t necessary, because they didn’t feel sick or feel any other...