As long-term activists, how do you maintain momentum and sustain your energy in the movement?

Submitted by Louise

I start my days out with prayers. At the beginning of the day I am up and raring to go. I have all kinds of ideas for the strategy I will use to get people to listen to me. If I can hold their attention for ten minutes I get more...

Submitted by Crystal

I get tired sometimes, but if what I do helps just one person, I know it's worth it. I try to think about all of my activism and speaking engagements in that way. I am helping someone else. It's not about me.

Submitted by Melinda

I love being an activist. I love meeting new people and speaking with them. I love the fact that my story and my experiences are heard and make a difference to many people out there. I love the fact that I can advocate and help someone...

Submitted by Al

Sometimes I find it hard to keep going. When I am at the point where I feel like I don't want to give anymore, I think of all the emails and cards I have gotten from the kids I have talked to and they re-inspire me.

Submitted by Chavon

I maintain my energy in the movement by staying on track with my treatment and self care, so that I can be a face in my community that's doing positive things. I also maintain my energy by looking at each day as another day the Lord is...

Submitted by Justin

Having worked in the HIV/AIDS field for the past eight years (and living with HIV for nine years), there are times when I ask myself, "why do I continue to be an advocate, if there are still so many individuals becoming infected with...

Submitted by Vivian

I maintain momentum and energy through other people. I love what I do. I speak out and people listen. They thank me for having a voice and for having the courage to speak for them when they cannot or dare not to. We are still living in...

Submitted by Ben

When I think of this question, I still can't believe I am still here. Being HIV positive for over 23 years, my concern from the start has always been to make people aware of HIV, even if they don't want to hear about it. I always...

Submitted by Elizabeth

As a long-term activist and advocate, I know that I have to prepare myself to focus on what is in front of me. Because there is so much work to do, I can easily become drained. Sometimes I have to step back and let someone else step up...

Submitted by Willie

As a long-time activist, I have learned to pick my platform. My first few years in the activist role, I volunteered for several committees, had a full-time job, and a full course load in college. I took all of this on with good...

Submitted by Jasan

As a long-term activist, there are two specific ways that I have been able to maintain momentum and sustain my energy to play an active role in the movement to fight against HIV:

1) Vacation! I wasn't always a person who took...

Submitted by Tree

Honestly, I am still trying to figure out a way to maintain my energy and momentum. I recently took a break to focus on my family. I found myself in a state of burnout--ready to build my house in the middle of the wilderness to escape...

Submitted by Haynes

"To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist." --Gail Sheehy

I have been thriving with HIV for 20 years and have been an HIV/AIDS activist for over 30. What keeps me energized is being true to myself and...